Certificate of Warranty: All rugs come with a certificate in accordance with Act No 1490/91 of the Civil Code, which guarantees the authenticity and origin. The certificate also ensures that the carpet is hand knotted.


The choice of carpet is completely personal and depends on the circumstances, the combinations and taste: when the rug is a piece of value, ancient and modern, it goes well with any decor, both by analogy and for counterpoint. An antique carpet can make it warmer and comfortable modern furnishings, while a modern carpet can put particular attention to the antique furniture or antiques accommodation. The carpet should be as much as possible in harmony with the context and then the rest of the furniture. If you decide to purchase one of our carpet, but you are in doubt between some alternatives, we can bring the carpets at home to try and make you choose a setting with confidence.


Occasionally the carpets need special treatments of cleaning, removing dust and dirt from the global level, preserving the carpet and bring him back to the original color at the same time, those desired and designed by the weaver. An effective cleaning can change the appearance of a carpet giving new emphasis to the design and colors. And 'it important that the grains of dust accumulated around the knots, if not removed, will seriously damage the carpet as have a strong abrasive which accelerates wear. It 'worth recalling that the perishable nature of the fibers that make up the rugs makes them extremely vulnerable and requires occasional maintenance and restoration. The restoration carried out according to scientific criteria is essential for the antiques and valuable, not properly address these shortcomings, is not only not reduce the degradation process but gradually accelerate "We are at your disposal for any advice relating to proper washing your carpet.


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